Alabama Football Tickets – Still Deserving

by admin on November 6, 2011

Well, that was interesting. In a game that was labeled the game of the century by some, the Alabama Crimson Tide welcomed the LSU Tigers last night and probably wish they hadn’t. With the Tigers ranked at #1 and Alabama at #2, the press had a field day with this college football game, and the hype leading up to it was something to behold.

Constant coverage, and a secondary ticket bonanza made Alabama football tickets the ticket of the year in college football, with the possible exception of tickets to the BCS National Championship Game. And it was a great football game for football purists, a college football game that had defense at it’s core and one that offers plenty of fodder for discussions around the table at the local watering hole.

Suppose Alabama had not missed four field goals? Suppose they hadn’t tried a freaky halfback pass that wound up intercepted? Suppose they’d stuck with their ground game just a shade more? What if? And it all goes on but the fact remains that the LSU Tigers came out on top 9-6 and it’s time to move on.

For the Alabama Crimson Tide there’s still some great things in store in this season. Alabama could well be playing in the Sugar Bowl this year and that’s no mean feat. And honestly, I’m finding it difficult to believe that the BCS could drop Alabama in the polls after a game like that. The Tide lost by three points in overtime to the #1 ranked team in the nation. Could it have been any closer? Do we need any more proof? This Alabama Crimson Tide team is deserving of every accolade, and may still get a shot at the BCS National Championship. And they would deserve it.

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