College Football – Slowing Down the Hurry Up

by EricDrouant on February 14, 2014

 College football fans, like all football fans, love to see plenty of scoring. Over the past few years this trend has grown as rules have been put in place to give the offense some advantage. In addition, college football coordinators have come up with schemes designed to put the defense on their heels, preventing the substitution of player packages designed to stop specific plays and keep defensive players from recovering between plays.



 That may be changing. The NCAA is now considering rule changes that would prevent the type of high speed offenses that have evolved in the last decade. Chip Kelly, who pioneered this at Oregon, must beglad he’s left the game of college football.

 In essence, the new rule would prevent the offense from snapping the ball with less than 29 seconds on the clock, with the exception of the last two minutes of a half. This gives defenses an opportunity to make substitutions. They would still have to be quick about it but the space of a few seconds can make quite a difference.


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 The new rule is one proposal being put out and still has to pass muster. For offensive fans it may seem unfair. Then again, for fans of the type of defensive play that built college football, afootball itself into a sport of strength and team play, it may not seem so bad. Surely, the balance between offense and defense must be maintained. There is still a place for great defensive play and game planning in college football.

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Fiesta Bowl Tickets – UCF vs Baylor

by EricDrouant on December 19, 2013

 Fiesta Bowl tickets are bringing some new faces into the college football postseason party and the Fiesta in Arizona is going to be the highlight of a great season for both University of central Florida and the Baylor Bears. Both had excellent seasons with high hopes. Though they may not be playing for a championship they are playing for bragging rights and taking the next step for future seasons.

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 The University of Central Florida Knights keep their program reaching new milestones every year. this season marks their first appearance in a BCS Bowl and it comes on the heels of winning a championship in a new conference, the ACC. To get there, the Knights had to take on and overcome one of the more established teams in the conference, namely Louisville. While it didn’t look likely to happen when UCF was down 28-7 to the Cardinal, they eventually came back and won 38-35 in a stunner of a college football game.

 The Knights rely heavily on quarterback Blake Bortles. In his junior season Bortles threw for over 3,000 yards and 22 touchdowns. With a 1,000 yard rusher in Storm Johnson and a bevy of high level receivers, the University of Central Florida fields an electric offense that can explode on an opponent at any time.

 Baylor is going to be ready to give UCF a battle. Head Coach Art Briles has taken the Bears from worst to first in the Big 12, a feat few saw coming this season. Baylor also features one of the better college football quarterbacks in the country. Bryce Petty leads an offense that averaged better than 50 points and over 600 yards a game. Backing that up with one of the best defenses in the Big 12 gives the Baylor Bears a huge advantage in big games. If UFC wants to score they have to get past that Baylor defense.

We’re looking forward to a great Fiesta Bowl. You can catch all the action with Fiesta Bowl tickets from We’ve got plenty of great seats available.


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